How to buy on-line on Città del sole - Natura e...

This section is here to help people navigating on Città, del sole for the first time, or to provide people already familiar with this method of purchase more detailed information about how this site works.

With just a few clicks, you can have products delivered directly to your home.

If you know the exact name of a product, you can use the search by keyword. Simply insert one or two words in the appropriate space in the right top corner, then click the OK button. The results list will show one or more products that include your search word in their name or description.

Useful to quickly find a product with a series of pre-defined general characteristics. Advanced search will give you a list of products, selected using one or more of the following criteria:

  • Name
  • Manufacturer
  • Category
  • Price

In this case too, the result will be a list of products sharing the selected criteria, from which to choose, after having carefully read the product information/technical data sheet.

Triboo guarantees the maximum information on each item by the use of an explicit and complete data sheet containing information and technical details about the item.

The data sheet clearly shows a summary of any information essential for the purchase:

Below this summary, you will find additional information divided into uniformed groups based on characteristics.

All the products on our online shop that can be purchased are readily available.

Once you have chosen a product, simply click on the button below the product image and it will be placed into your shopping trolley.

The shopping cart allows you to quickly check the products you have in your trolley, ready to be bought, with per item and total costs. On this page you can also choose the desired quantity of each item or eliminate any items that you no longer wish to buy.

Once you have placed all the items you intend to buy in your trolley, check out to complete your purchase and choose your preferred method of payment.

Once you have selected the items you wish to buy, click on “Go to check out” to complete your purchase.

New members If you are a first-time buyer on our website, you will be asked to enter your username and a password. You will also be asked to insert all information about your billing and delivery address. Please be informed that Triboo Digitale S.r.l. will process your data in full compliance of the Data Protection Act (Italian Law - Art. 13 del D.Lgs. 196/2003).

Already a member Simply enter your e-mail address and your password. The system will show you your billing and delivery address, which can be changed at any time by clicking on the "modify" button.

When the system "recognizes" you, it will summarize your list of chosen items, and your billing and delivery address.

If you wish to track your order(s), all you need to do is enter your e-mail address and password in the Log In area and select “Tracking”.

The system will list your orders by date. Choose the order you wish to trace and you will see a complete summary showing whether the goods have already been delivered to the courier.

Click on the button with the courier’s logo to be transferred directly to its website, where you can trace the actual state of your shipment.

Please remember that our staff at Customer Service are always there to help you with any queries.

  • Monday to Friday, from 9.00 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 18.00 - Italian time - Phone +39.02.9475.5559
  • Email:

To send your order as a gift, follow these four easy steps.

1. Choose the gift: over 3.000 different products to chose from. Products for children of all ages.

2. Proceed to checkout: finalize your order and personalize it. A note will accompany your "purchase".

3. Fill out the card: Fill out all the requested information. Your message will then be put in the package along with the chosen gift (you will not be able to chose a particular font or color for you message).

4. Submit your order as a gift: Choose the preferred method of payment ("naturally", since this is a gift, you will not be able to choose cash on delivery as a method of payment) and click on "Submit order" to finalize the purchase.

Our Buoni Gioco are gift cards that customers may buy and utilize to purchase products in all our stores and on our website

1. Buy the toy you are interested in by clicking on the button "Buy it now!"

2. Go to checkout by clicking on the button "Submit order"

3. Insert the Barcode on the back of the gift card in the field "Discount Coupon / Gift card" and click on the button "Use coupn"